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Spectra Films,

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


The focus of Spectra Films is to bring together the spectrum of light, color and human emotion into impactful content that captures the beauty of humanity and the world around us.

Our core values:

Heart - We put our heart into everything we do. Your enthusiasm is our enthusiasm, your heart is our heart.

Creativity - The vital element to problem solving and unforgettable content is creativity.

Empathy - Unifying people to a purpose requires complete empathy with our clients and their goals.

Transparency - A great product is the result of trust and open communication. We will speak our minds and we expect our clients to speak theirs.

Impact - We believe that it is our responsibility to positively impact viewers of our work as well as our community in general.

Quality - Quality is the pinnacle of our work. Quality is required to deliver any worthwhile message. 

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